Florida Gathering 2000

Ocala National Forest 599A

Family Heart Fire

1 Feather

It takes lots of firewood to feed so many.

Shanghai Tea House Kitchen.

Shanghai Tea House


The Phat News of Mark

The Gospel of Mark KJV in Hippie language



It also takes lots of provisions.

A typical Supply Tent.

The Turkey Feather Trading Post kicking down to main supply.

18 kitchens showed up the first day.

Jesus Camp

Caroline distributing produce from the Gleaning Truck.

Youth With A Mission

Matta helping everyone get their allocation of goods.

Jesus Camp in the background.

Ocklawaha Bridge Baptist Church

The "men", Rev. Dick, Brother Ray, Aslan, visitor, and brother Cooper in foreground.

The clothing and blankets were greatly appreciated.

Pizza Concerts

Here is a couple thanking the Lord for the supplies.

A Hippie Wedding

The Jesus Loves' You Truck showed up with tons of gleaned produce, citrus and dry goods. It was really PHAT!

Hippies volunteers went with Caroline early in the morning to drive to the fields of Leesburg to Glean produce and citrus.

Glean Busters!

Turkey Truck in foreground, Jesus Loves You truck near lake, Jesus Bus in foreground.

The photo was taken from Jesus Camp.

Lalaland Library.

Granola Funk Theatre.

Order of the Good Samaritan


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A Hippie Wedding


Jesus Camp

Glean Busters!

Order of the Good Samaritan

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Ocklawaha Bridge Baptist Church

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