The Flood


Where Were They Before the Flood?

There is no reference to demons prior to the flood. There is no Biblical evidence of the creation of demons during the six days of creation. In fact, after YHWH created the world it was said; "Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good. So the evening and morning of the sixth day." Genesis 1:31.

Since there is no mention or evidence of demons prior to the flood it is logical to conclude that demons are a post-flood discovery.


How to Stop a Demonic Attack


Exorcism Warning

Exorcisms are not to be taken lightly. Besides the tools of the exorcist one must consider the spiritual readiness of the exorciser and his team. Exorcism is not a parlor game. It is tough spiritual warfare with the powers of evil. It is a battle that one can not afford to loose. Do not try this at home. Get a genuine servant of God. If you need assistance call me at 352-365-0808 or Email me.


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