Ocala Gathering 2015

Logos Christian Fellowship's Outreach to Veterans and the Rainbow Family of Living Light in the Ocala National Forest

Free Medical Clinic with Dr. Kraucak, Villages

Rainbow Thrift Center

Water Buffalos

Trash Trailer


Veteran Pastor Chris Ward

Pastors Chris & Rita Ward

Logos Food Delivery

More cloths donated.

Todd & Jingles Peace Camp

Todd & Jingles

Jingles, Rita, Todd, Caroline and Thom Buchanan

We have the best dressed Hippies in all the World!

Hippie Mart

Gary Kadow (SOS) and Dr. Nelson Kraucak, Life Family Practice Center, Villages.

Pastor Chris with Dr. Nelson Kraucak

Our C.A.L.M. Center where Dr. K conducted the Clinic.

Our first patient

Special thanks to Todd & Jingles

Special Thank You to Todd & Jingles at Logos

Water buffalos

Water buffalos


Sometimes the locals go loco! This is a 22 long cartridge left out front of Peace Camp.

Welcome Home

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