Rainbow Gathering '99

Allegheny National Forest


The Phat News of Mark

The Gospel of Mark KJV in Hippie language


Welcome to Jesus C.A.L.M.


Moiya with Sister Caroline.

She is putting a Mullen poultice on her swollen knee.

Moiya was carried into the Gathering.

She is one 83 year old determined Phillippino.

Sister Jane from Erie with Pastor Chris (A good hair day).

Sister Caroline seen here washing infected feet.


The kids are putting labels on the water jugs.

Our Water Factory

We had to have a separate water supply for Not-A-Hospital

Should our personal get sick, who would be able to help in a crisis?

Our C.A.L.M. station was usually busy.

The stretcher came in handy. Sister Caroline sharing some herbs.

Lots of massage and corn grinding.

This is a Sick Latrine.

It should not be used without permission--ever!

Please do not use without permission from Not-A-Hospital."

We had several cases of dysentery. If you used this shitter without permission then you have been exposed to dysentery.

Let's all work together to keep the Gathering clean and illness free!


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