Healing & Deliverance Seminar

Saturday, October 13

6 PM

Evangelist Frank Marzullo and Pastor Chris Ward

Evangelist & Exorcist

Pastor Chris Ward

Thom Buchanan at 1st Pres Youth in Leesburg

Worship & Praise

Thom Buchanan



Jan from Deland and Rusty from Cocoa

Bill Bowman

Caroline Carter and Paul Madison

Dennis Lyons

John Manning Faithwalkers from Costa Rica

Pastor Chris Ward


Could this be the start of a Revival like the Caine Ridge Revival of the 1800's?

Could this be the Revival in Lake County that was predicted like the Movement of the Holy Spirit that took place in Leesburg in the late 70's with Westside Baptist?

You will not want to miss this next move of God.

Coming soon...

Evangelist Frank Marzullo

Saturday, November 10

6 PM

Logos Christian Fellowship

8839 C.R. 44 East (Eastside of Leesburg)

Leesburg, Florida


Toll Free 1-877-566-7264



Real Audio Sound Byte of Deliverance


A Love offering will be taken.



Homeless & Needy

Gleaning Project

The Exorcist Files

New Age Outreach

Hippie Outreach


For more information call 877-566-7264 Toll Free


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