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Fushia Pickett

"Stones of Remembrance"

A Spiritual Autobiography

Creation House, Copyright 1998

All Rights Reserved: ISBN: 0-88419-538-4

"After the service that morning I was planning to go to lunch with some friends when the Spirit spoke to me, 'If you will spend the afternoon with Me, I will teach you what a demon is'...Suddenly, the Holy Spirit opened to me a vision in which I was taken into a hospital. I was a part of the vision, and I was wheeling a patient into the operating room...I saw the man from oncology, who had come in to take a blood sample, and an x-ray clearly. The doctors and technicians all stood looking intently at the x-ray. They had studied it before, but, at the moment of surgery, they were looking at it again so that their procedure would be precise.

I wasn't quite sure what I was watching. What did this operating room scene have to do with a demon. Then the Holy Spirit spoke to me, 'I want you to watch this operation closely. The doctors do not proceed casually with the operation. They have carefully diagnosed the problem and are ready to correct it...What is the surgeon going after?' I answered, 'He is looking for a foreign body.' He responded, 'That is correct. And that is what a demon is--a foreign body that is usurping or leeching off a human being.' I understood that He was comparing a physical foreign body to a demon which is a spiritual foreign body that preys on men's souls.

He continued, 'The surgeon and staff are going in to extricate the foreign body. But they are not going after it without knowledge. They are following strict procedure based on the evidence they have of what is wrong with the patient.'

As the vision continued to unfold, I watched the procedure. They put the patient to sleep and then began, step by step, to skillfully remove that foreign body. I have remembered this vision when I have been in situations where people are screaming at the devil, asking him to tell his name, and going through other emotional gyrations to cast out a demon. The surgeon and his team were resolved, prepared, and skillful in the removal of the foreign body from the patient.

Once I saw a surgeon stop and confer with his colleagues about what they were seeing. And I could imagine Jesus and the Holy Spirit comparing notes as They do Their work of redeeming a soul. The assisting technicians were not standing as spectators in that operating room All eyes were looking intently at the source of the disease, cooperating fully with the surgeon.

The analogy was clear. A demon is a foreign body that attaches itself to a human soul and would destroy him or her if not removed. But it cannot be removed promiscuously; it must be removed carefully. The surgeon had to know what it was and how to go after it. And he worked in complete unity with the team in the operation room.

As soon as the foreign body was removed, the patient was stitched carefully to help in his recovery. And the Spirit said to me, 'Watch carefully the follow-up procedure to such a surgery.' One of the technicians gave the patient a shot of penicillin to guard against infection. In the Bible, the hyssop was used to cleanse. David cried out, ;Cleanse me with hyssop, and I will be clean'. I had learned that penicillin is made from blue mold that comes from hyssop, and they told me hyssop is one of the strongest ingredients in penicillin.

It is important that in spiritual surgery we remember to apply the Word of God consistently to a recovering patient to avoid postoperative complications. Eradication of the foreign body is not enough to insure future victory in a person's life. Postoperative care is vital...The weapons He showed me to use in the bringing down of Goliath--His name, His blood, His Word, His Spirit, His faith--were attending instruments to be used skillfully...the Blood (of Jesus) and the Word (of God) are like spiritual antibiotics for out souls. They bring us healing."

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