Everyman's Talmud

Rabbi Abraham Cohen

The following description of demons is paraphrased from Rabbi Cohen:

"No person commits a sin unless there enters into him a spirit of madness (Sot. 3a). There are three things that cause a person to sin against his own conscience and the will of his Maker, viz. Gentiles, an evil spirit, and the pressing needs of poverty."

The characteristics of demons: "'In three respects they resemble the ministering angels and in three (respects) they are like human beings. Like the ministering angels they have wings, they fly from one end of the world to the other, and they know the future. Like human beings they eat and drink, propagate and die' (Chag. 16a). Some also declare: They have the power of altering their appearance, and can see but are invisible' (ARN xxxvii).'"

"That they are not visible to human beings is s blessing; because had the human eye been given the power of seeing them, no person could endure because of the evil spirits. 'They outnumber us, said a Rabbi, and surround us like the ridge round a field. Every one of us, said another, has a thousand on his left hand and myriads on his right. The crush at the public discourses, said a third, is due to them; the knees grow fatigued because of them; the wearing out of clothes of the Rabbis is the consequence of their rubbing against them; the feet are bruised by them (Ber. 6a).'"

"Their numerical strength is elsewhere emphasized. The whole world is full of evil spirits and harmful demons, said one Rabbi; while another declared, there is not an extent of a fourth of a kab in the space of the Universe in which there are not nine kabs of demons (Tanchuma Mishpatim & 19)."

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