Lavengamalie College

Nuku'alofa, Tonga, South Pacific

Digital Inclusion 1986

Mr. Ward developed the word processor in the Tongan language with his students at CCC High School in 1985. It was necessary to develop both the software and the hardware since the Tongan language has only 16 letters and a diphthong. He is seen in this photo presenting the Faka'fuo'fua (computer) to the King of Tonga his Majesty Taufa'ahuo Toupou I.V.

This is Faka'fuo'fua the keyboard for the Tongan word processor.

It has 16 letters and a diphthong.

Awarded to Chris Ward for establishing a

Business & Computer College at

Lavengamalie College in 1986 in

Nuku'alofa, Tonga, South Pacific

Chris Ward seen here marching with his

Business & Computer class from

Lavengamalie College in the

Birthday Parade of King Taufa'ahou Toupou I.V.

July 4, 1986

Tonga, South Pacific


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